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Does the roof system of your commercial building require repairs or replacements? Your best option is to depend on Reflections Roofing. If you need a reliable commercial roofing contractor with thorough training and significant experience. Our commercial roofers have lots of expertise working with different types of roofing. So, we can effectively help you with anything from roof coatings to roofing installations. We carry different types of commercial roofing systems, like PVC and EPDM and PVC, along with a wide range of other materials. Contact us at 346-341-9712 to get started. If you are on the lookout for a dependable company to service your commercial roofing in Katy, Houston, Cypress and Sugar Land, TX.

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Let us install your home siding, roofing, Fascia, Soffit, and many other home repairs . Reflections Roofing Offers Replacements Roofs and Home Repairs to keep you safe, dry, and happy.

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Commercial Roofing Services

It is the commitment of our staff to ensure our clients receive the finest commercial roof replacement and repair in the industry.  We realize that every situation is dissimilar and needs exclusive attention from a professional commercial roofer. Our staff offers personalized attention to each one of our commercial customers to make sure that they get the repairs that are appropriate for their building. Our services include both, roof replacement and roof repair.

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You can choose from many varying commercial roof styles, including flat roof membranes, metal, and shingles. Most of our roofing options allow our clients with a huge range of textures, materials and colors. With specialized care and proper maintenance, expect most of these commercial roofing types to last over three decades. Our contractors are specialists in commercial roofing, so if you need a replacement, a repair, or anything in between, we can assist.

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Does your commercial roofing require repairs or replacement? Commercial roofs, susceptible to damage from a variety of factors, can develop severe weaknesses in a short period. It is critical that maintain a regular maintenance schedule if you expect to prevent your commercial roof from starting to rot, leak, or growing mold. We at Reflections Roofing work meticulously to offer top-quality commercial roof repair in Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land and Houston TX. Our Roofing Services are both affordable and professional. To speak to any of our contractors, call us today at 346-341-9712, and we will schedule an appointment for your first inspection as well as estimate. Our contractors take time to inspect your building’s roof thoroughly before starting, to decide on the most effective plan of action. Upon completion of the inspection, we will suggest repair or replacement services to help you select the correct roofing solution for your roofing system.

Commercial Roofing

Do You Require Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement?

You will notice varying areas of concern depending on the type of commercial roofing you have. You can, for example, predict pooling water and roof leaks if you live in a wet climate and have a rubber EPDM roof system. Mildew and mold are another persistent problem with low-slope roofing systems. However, you can easily avoid this issue by keeping your roof free of debris. Fast aging in another issue that may be commonly seen in flat types of roof. Leave commercial roof replacement and repair in the hands of experienced professionals, so call Reflections Roofing today.

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There are several ways our roofers can fix your commercial roofing, the commonest technique being roof coating. Clients often favor roof coatings, as they generally have a simple method of installation, and are cost-effective. Carrying out consistent maintenance checks is another way we can repair your commercial roofing. It allows us to remove problem creating debris and fix minor issues before they become more serious. Contact 346-341-9712 and enquire about our commercial roof repair when you have problems with your commercial roof system. Our roofers are determined to supply premium roofing and exceptional customer service. Allow us to assist you to keep your business well protected from weather and storm damages.

We possess the skills necessary to get the job done. If you require a new roof or have improvement made to an existing one. We can evaluate your roofs and give you a fair evaluation of the costs to get the work done. We know that roof installation or repair can be inconvenient to your business. Therefore, we work on a tight schedule to get the job done quickly as well as keep the area clean to prevent disturbance to your building’s occupants. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for more information.

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